Table 2 Properties of C30-FL1, SFL1, and BPAOL1 base oils compared with those of select commercial formulated lubricants.

N/A, not applicable.

Lubricant base oilsKV100* (cSt)KV40* (cSt)VIPP (°C)Noack volatility§
(wt %)
DSC oxidation
onset Temperature (°C)
ExxonMobil PAO44.119.0126−6618.8221
Group II (150 N)5.330.6106−1314.5N/A

*KV100 and KV40 are kinematic viscosities at 100° and 40°C, respectively (ASTM D445).

†VI calculated from KV100 and KV40 (ASTM D2270).

‡PP (ASTM D97).

§Volatility (ASTM D6375).

‖Oxidation stability (ASTM E2009, method B, 500 pis O2).

¶Mineral group II base oil.