Table 3 GLM-adjusted protein groups significantly associated with Aβ SUVR in cognitively unimpaired participants stratified by Aβ+/− classification after multiple testing correction.

Protein groups were also associated with Aβ SUVR with an adjustment for APOE genotype. All protein groups that are nominally associated with Aβ in cognitively unimpaired (P > 0.05) are shown in table S1.

UniProt IDProtein group
Aβ+ groupAdjusted for APOE ε4 status
P valueQtMean
P valueQ value
P05067APP−5.651−0.2904.57 × 10−082.08x10−05−4.686−0.2414.71 × 10−060.001
Q9H2A3NGN2−5.556−0.3197.43 × 10−082.08x10−05−4.787−0.2762.99 × 10−060.001
P07196NfL−4.639−0.2295.80 × 10−060.001−3.716−0.1842.53 × 10−040.047
O95704APBB3−4.389−0.2741.71 × 10−050.002−3.374−0.2100.001ns
Q13127REST3.5700.1424.33 × 10−040.0483.3850.1350.001ns