Table 1 Terminology.

NE, Nash equlibrium.

Best replyAction that gives the best payoff in response to a given action by an opponent
Best reply structureArrangement of the best replies in the payoff matrix
Best reply matrixDerived payoff matrix, with one for the best reply to each possible move of the opponent and zero everywhere else
Best reply dynamicsSimple learning algorithm in which the players myopically choose the best reply to the last action of their opponent
Best reply k-cycleClosed loop of best replies of length k (each player moves k times)
Best reply fixed pointPure NE, i.e., the action for each player that is a best reply to the move of the other player
Best reply vector υList of the number of distinct attractors of the best reply dynamics, ordered from longest cycles to fixed points
Free action/free best replyBest reply to an action that is neither part of a cycle nor a fixed point
Best reply configurationUnique set of best replies by both players to all actions of their opponent