Table 2 Direct and total effects of each driver on ACSP in the U.S. and global models.

Total effects are calculated as the sum of the direct and indirect effects of the predictor on the response variable.

SEM modelPredictorResponseDirectTotal effect
U.S. modelWater temperatureACSP0.390.39
30-day consecutive flowACSP0.280.28
Air temperatureACSP0.36
Impervious coverACSP0.02
Watershed areaACSP0.16
Mean elevationACSP−0.10
Absolute latitudeACSP−0.01
Forest coverACSP−0.08
Global modelAbsolute latitudeACSP0.350.19
Air temperatureACSP0.38
Mean elevationACSP−0.19
Water temperatureACSP0.470.47