Table 1 Correlation coefficients between CO2 flux anomalies over North America and anomalies of area-weighted average air temperature, precipitation, RH, VPD, and SM over temperate North America, using prior fluxes (CASA GFEDv4.1s) and derived posterior fluxes from CT-L.

Correlations were calculated with fluxes lagging climate variables by 1 month. The P value associated with each correlation is included in parentheses. The correlation is higher for yearly average anomalies than that for monthly anomalies as noise in the datasets are smoothed out.

Climate variablesPrior fluxes (monthly)Posterior fluxes (monthly)Posterior fluxes (yearly)
Air temperature−0.09 (0.34)−0.01 (0.90)0.30 (0.43)
Precipitation−0.03 (0.78)−0.21 (0.03)−0.78 (0.01)
RH−0.14 (0.15)−0.38 (<0.0001)−0.69 (0.04)
VPD0.16 (0.09)0.39 (<0.0001)0.75 (0.02)
SM−0.23 (0.02)−0.32 (0.001)−0.66 (0.05)