Table 1 Comparison of global powers for the Northern Polar Region.

SatelliteNonstormMain phaseRecovery
Polar (above AAR)*
  Alfvén wavedown (GW)2.5910.056.29
  Alfvén waveup (GW)0.674.072.62
  Net deposition (GW)1.925.983.67
FAST (below AAR)
  Alfvén wave (GW)0.542.621.75
  Electron precipitation
  Net deposition (GW)§1.457.706.02

*Polar study period: January 1997 to December 2002.

†Net deposition at Polar is not necessarily the true deposition below the AAR (see text for explanation).

‡FAST study period: October 1996 to November 1999 [from (25)].

§Calculated under the assumption that all Alfvén wave power at FAST flows toward the ionosphere (i.e., no upflowing Alfvénic power).