Table 2 Matrix dimension and memory footprint statistics for the simulation of DPFGSE water suppression and selective excitation NMR spectrum shown in the bottom row of Fig. 4.

Memory utilization is quoted as reported by Matlab using compressed column sparse format (74).

Problem parameterValueNotes
Liouville space dimension, full4,11246 (GABA) +
16 (water)
Liouville space dimension, reduced1,912IK-2 basis (45)
Min. points in the spatial grid500Spatial Nyquist condition
Space(x)Spin dimension, full2,056,000500 × (46 + 16)
Space(x)Spin dimension, reduced195,500IK-2 basis (45), ZTE (42)
Nonzeroes in evolution
generator, matrix
18,252,000446 MB
Nonzeroes in evolution
propagator, matrix
>109>16 GB
Nonzeroes in evolution
generator, polyadic
28,418640 kB