Table 1 Scenario assumptions.

Main assumptions for the various scenarios, including governance [illegal deforestation control (IDC) in the Amazon (Amz) and the Atlantic Forest (AtlF) biomes; FC, rigorous enforcement of the FC in the whole country, which includes IDC in all Brazil’s biomes, obligatory forest restoration, and compensation by the CRA], compliance with the SoyM, and different starting dates for the extension of the SoyM to the Cerrado.

ScenariosGovernance IDCSoyM complianceStarting date of the SoyM
in the Cerrado
BaselineAmz and AtlFFullNo
SoyMAmz and AtlFFullFull2020
SoyM-15Amz and AtlFFullFull2015
SoyM-25Amz and AtlFFullFull2025