Table 1 Measurements of the distal part of the DP5 of Denisova 3.

Measurements (in mm) of the distal part of the Denisova 3 phalanx [Denisova Cave 2008/East Gallery/layer 11.2/square D2 Phalanx tertia (probably V)] were taken with a vernier caliper directly on the bone fragment and on rectified photographs where applicable.

MeasurementWith caliper on
distal part (mm)
On rectified
photographs (mm)
Midshaft breadth3.603.7
Proximal breadth5.62? Cut basis
Distal breadth4.524.65
Maximum length11.28Basis cut in a nonperpendicular way
Distal height2.80
Midshaft height3.60(Difficult since there is no "promontory"
above which the measurement should be taken;
here: maximal width)