Table 1 Comparison of performances of single-photon sources.

MUX, multiplexed HSPS; E, single-photon enhancement factor in MUX; I, indistinguishability; CM = P1MR, predicted M-fold coincidence generation rate, assuming that M-independent sources can be prepared and synchronously operated. Note that P1 is the probability of preparing a single photon that is coupled into a single-mode fiber. For sources reported for different experimental parameters, results with conditions demonstrating the highest P1 are shown.

ReferencesType of sourceR (MHz)PHP1Eg(2)(t = 0)I
This work (MUX)μ =
μ =
μ = 0.0040.50.080.051(2)27.9(20)0.007(7)0.91(4)
Possible improvementμ = 0.150.990.7512.50.050.99