Table 1 Diversity of tobacco products.

ProductDefinitionTypespHNicotine levels
CigaretteTobacco rolled in paper
for smoking
A typical cigarette weighs <1 g;
regular length (70 mm long),
king (84 mm), 100s (100 mm),
and 120s (120 mm)
Acidic, inhalable, pH 5.5–6Average in rod, 13.5 mg
(range: 11.9–14.5 mg);
nicotine yield to the
smoker: 1–1.5 mg/cigarette
CigarAir-cured, fermented tobacco
wrapped in material made at
least, in part, of tobacco leaf
Small filtered cigars (0.9–1.3 g
tobacco), cigarillos (1.3–2.5 g tobacco),
and large (premium) cigars
pH 6.5–8.0 inhalable and/or
buccal depending on
product pH
Nicotine content ranges
from 10 to 444 mg and
dependent on weight of
the cigar
BluntCannabis filled in a
hollowed-out cigarillo shell
No pH data availableNicotine intake much lower
than from cigarette or
cigar smoking, but, based on
animal studies, could
enhance rewarding effects of
delta 9-tetrahydrocannbinaol
Smokeless tobaccoTobacco inserted between lip
and gum or snorted into
the nose rather than
smoked by the user
Snuff (ground tobacco), snus
(ground tobacco in a tea bag–like
pouch), chew (shredded
Products range from more
acidic, pH 5.2–7.1, to more
alkaline for greater buccal
absorption, pH 7.6–8.6
Nicotine concentrations vary,
range of 0.2 to 34 mg/g,
the more alkaline
products are capable of
delivering higher levels of
Waterpipe/HookahCharcoal-heated flavored
tobacco passed through a
water-filled chamber that
cools the smoke
Water tobacco is a mixture of
dried fruit, molasses and
glycerin, and conventional
tobacco leaf
pH 3.8–5.8Average of 1.13 mg/g and
high of 3.30 mg/g for
product containing
nicotine; nicotine-free for
herbal (nontobacco) varieties
Heated tobaccoElectronic devices that heat
reconstituted tobacco
sticks treated with a
glycerin humectant to
deliver an aerosol
IQOS, Glo, and Ploom TechpH 5.5–6Nicotine delivery can match
that of conventional cigarettes
E-cigaretteElectric devices that produce
an aerosol from a liquid
that typically contains
nicotine, propylene glycol,
vegetable glycerin, and
Cigalikes/e-pens, tank systems,
pods/nicotine salts (e.g.,
benzoate and lactate)
Free base e-liquid: alkaline,
pH 7–9; nicotine salts:
acidic, inhalable, pH
E-liquid nicotine content
from 0 to 100 mg/ml.
Nicotine delivery can
match that of
conventional cigarette but
varies by device design
(heating temperature),
e-liquid nicotine content,
and user behavior