Table 1 Catalyst screening.
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EntryMetal sourceSupportYield (%)
Product AProduct B
1Bimetallic complex ITiO26227
2Bimetallic complex ICeO21569
3Bimetallic complex Iγ-Al2O3621
4Bimetallic complex IActivated charcoal8116
5*Bimetallic complex IActivated charcoal98
6Co(NO3)2 + Ce(NO3)3Activated charcoal18
7Monometallic complex IIActivated charcoal10
8Monometallic complex IIIActivated charcoal
9Monometallic complex II + IIIActivated charcoal3251
Reaction conditions: 0.5 mmol of substrate, 15 mg of catalyst (1.8 mol % Co, 1.6 mol % Ce), 100°C, 4.0 MPa H2, 3 ml of methylcyclohexane, 20 hours. *110°C reaction temperature; †1.8 mol % Co without Ce; ‡1.6 mol % Ce without Co. Yields were determined by GC and GC-MS using n-dodecane as an internal standard.