Table 1 Number of threatened and nonthreatened plant species for tropical Africa.

Total number and proportion of 22,036 vascular plant species assessed as LT/PT and LNT under our Preliminary Automated Conservation Assessments approach. LR/PR categories include species that meet three subcriteria of IUCN Criterion B [Extent of Occurrence (EOO), Area of Occupancy (AOO), and number of locations] but for which known subpopulations are apparently not exposed to a decline of habitat quality due to land cover conversion.

PACA threat
Criterion ACriterion BBoth Criteria
LT/PT5,023 (22.8%)4,879 (22.1%)6,990 (31.7%)
LT2,652 (12%)2,803 (12.7%)3,823 (17.3%)
PT2,371 (10.8%)2,076 (9.4%)3,167 (14.4%)
PNT17,013 (77.2%)17,157 (77.9%)15,046 (68.3%)
LR7,304 (33.1%)7,304 (33.2%)
PR1,154 (5.3%)1,154 (5.2%)
LNT8,699 (39.5%)6,588 (29.9%)