Table 3 Assessment of whether dynamic management tools meet the CBD criteria (13) for being OECMs.

CBD criterionDo dynamic management tools as envisaged
meet criterion?
A: Area is not currently recognized as a PA
Not currently recognized as a PAYes
B: Area is governed and managed
Geographically defined spaceYes in size and area described
No for geographically delineated boundaries
Legitimate governance authoritiesYes
C: Achieves sustained and effective contribution to in situ conservation of biodiversity
EffectiveYes (assuming biodiversity and conservation
benefits, regardless of objectives)
Sustained over the long termDepends on definition of “long term.” Some features
may shift year to year but be in place for many
years. Ultimately, it may be the intent; is the
proposed length of management expected to be
long-term, regardless of shorter-term dynamics?
In situ conservation of biological diversityYes
Information and monitoringYes
D: Associated ecosystem functions and services and cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic, and other locally relevant values
Ecosystem functions and servicesYes
Cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic, and other
locally relevant values
Yes (assuming explicitly accounted for)