Table 2 Successful attempt models.

GLMMs evaluating whether the success of a mating attempt (i.e., likelihood of copulation) is influenced by the dyad’s GHS of the male and/or the female. Mating attempts initiated by males and females are shown in SA-1 and SA-2, respectively. Estimates, SEs, df, and 2.5 and 97.5% confidence intervals are shown for fixed effects. Significant variables (P < 0.05) are shown in bold. Intercept with reference category for non-ulcerated individuals.

SA-1 model
TermEstimateSECI lowerCI upperX2dfP
GHS females−1.1270.480−1.962−0.3257.18710.007
GHS males−1.1670.481−2.151−0.2285.31510.021
SA-2 model
GHS females0.5770.647−0.7381.9830.79410.373
GHS males−0.3960.657−1.7271.0550.34810.555

*Not shown due to very limited interpretation