Table 1 Results of the effect of remotely sensed functional traits and climate on NPP and GPP.

For each model, standardized regression coefficients (β), SE, the second-order Akaike’s Information Criterion (AICc), and the differential AICc (ΔAICc) are shown. r2 is shown for significant relationships (P < 0.05). Best models (ΔAICc ≤ 2) are in bold. Single-trait indices correspond to the CMT values of percent of water, NSC, LMA, and percent of Chl. Multitrait indices, FRic, and FDiv were calculated using these four traits.

NPP (Mg C year−1 ha−1)GPP (Mg C year−1 ha−1)
Elevation (m)−−
MAT (°C)
Mean annual rainfall (mm)0.82.354.
Solar radiation (GJ m−2 year−1)
LMA (g m−2)−−
NSC (%)−−
Chl (mg g−1)
Water (%)−23.412.950.76.3−38.23065.97.8