Table 1 Spin diffusion length and ratio σsH*/σsHss,0.

The spin diffusion length at room temperature (300 K) and the ratio σsH*/σsHss,0 for the various thicknesses of the NiMnSb films are obtained by the fit of Eq. 9 to the experimental data as shown in Fig. 6B for V0/PFMR = −0.03, −0.02, and −0.01 μV/mW from left to right. Note that σsH* is temperature independent by definition and that σsHss,0 denotes the zero-temperature value of the skew scattering contribution.

dλsd (300 K) (nm)σsH*/σsHss,0
50 nm9.4714.0319.65−0.16−0.27−0.29
30 nm4.746.328.310.09−0.05−0.12
20 nm4.215.487.27−0.23−0.32−0.39
10 nm2.823.073.37−0.60−0.62−0.63