Table 1 A subset of SPR results for CDCs against glycans plus cholesterol and PS.

Glycans, cholesterol, and PS were tested at concentrations listed in data S2 and the Materials and Methods. Data shown are the mean KDs from at least three independently run SPR analyses. NCDI, no concentration dependent binding observed up to the maximum concentration tested; n.t., not tested, sample was not run against that toxin. α1-3Gal tri, Galili (αGa1) antigen trisaccharide; sTF, Neu5Acα2-3Ga1β1-3Ga1NAc; sLeC, Neu5Acα2-3Ga1β1-3G1cNAc; α2-6sLN, Neu5Acα2-6LacNAc; BGA tri, blood group A trisaccharide; BGA type 4, blood group A type IV pentasaccharide; BGB type 4, blood group B type IV pentasaccharide; BGH di, blood group H antigen disaccharide; BGH type 4, blood group H antigen type IV tetraose; PS, pregnenolone sulfate (sodium salt). For the full range of glycans tested, error, and more than two significant figures, see table S1.

GT2n.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.6.7 nM10 nMn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.
α1-3Gal trin.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.258 nM547 nMNCDINCDI
P1 Antigenn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.359 nM342 nMNCDINCDI
LNnTn.t.0.93 nM2.8 μMNCDINCDIn.t.NCDINCDIn.t.n.t.4.9 μMn.t.
TFn.t.n.t.46 μMn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.60 μMn.t.
sTFn.t.n.t.13 μMn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.NCDINCDI599 nM568 nM
sLeCn.t.1.4 μM1.6 μMNCDI16 μMn.t.n.t.n.t.NCDINCDI16 μM4.9 μM
α2-6sLNn.t.n.t.23 μM633 nM1.6 μM1.8 μMn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.NCDINCDI
sLeX1.3 μM3.1 μM3.9 μMn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.NCDINCDI2.8 μM4.9 μM
BGA trin.t.1.3 μM5.1 μMn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.8.7 nM4.4 nM9.9 μM4.9 μM
BGA type 4n.t.105 nM150 μMn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.5.7 μM9.2 μMNCDINCDI
BGB type 4n.t.0.12 nM32 μMn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.8.4 μM6.4 μMNCDIn.t.
BGH din.t.603 nMNCDIn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.19 μM26 μMNCDIn.t.
BGH type 4n.t.2.6 μMNCDIn.t.NCDIn.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.NCDIn.t.
PS0.4 nM52 nMn.t.n.t.n.t.997 nMn.t.214 nM1.8 μMn.t.588 nMNCDI