Table 1 The statistics of assembly from three versions of goldfish in this paper, goldfish by Chen et al. (26), and common carp by Xu et al. (29).

NGS, next-generation sequencing; LG, linkage group.

V. 1V. 2V. 3Goldfish Chen et al. 2019Hebao red carp
Xu et al. 2019
NGSPacBio + optical mapPacBio + optical
map + Hi-C
Total contig size (Gb)1.221.541.491.851.41
Contig no.636,6706,1444,4338,463355,804
Longest contig (bp)74,0237,661,6737,650,526207,110
Contig N50 (Mb)0.0041.111.160.820.02
Contig L5037535351319,142
Total scaffold size (Gb)1.461.641.591.821.46
Scaffold/chr no.358,7825,477506,216262,449
Longest scaffold (kb)5,76211,07065,9056,571
Scaffold N50 (Mb)0.462.9434.790.92
Scaffold L5016018393
Scaffold N90 (kb)1.2496.0624,821.2422.24
Scaffold L901,452403,290
Anchor ratio on chr/LG97%/65%66%82%
Gap length on chr/LG (Mb)900.2243