Table 1 Hydrodynamic parameters used in numerical modeling.

zstart, profile at start of the simulation; Hs, significant wave height; Tp, wave period; hreef, water level on reef; SLR, sea level rise; D50, sediment size; K, hydraulic conductivity; φ, sediment transport phase angle; Ttest, test time.

Test serieszstartHs (m)Tp (s)hreef (m)SLR (m)D50 (mm)K (m s−1)φ (°)Ttest (hours)
XB1After D249.931VariableVariableVariable50
XB2After D249.9312–150.002–0.125–353
XB3After D239.92–40–2140.005253
XB4After D22–49.931140.005253
XB5Actual (2013)2.6/2.29.92→2.750→0.75140.00525108
XB6Actual (2013)2.6/2.2 + >3 m9.92→2.750→0.75140.00525108
XB7Actual (2013)2.6/2.29.92→2.750→0.75140.005251620