Table 1 Optical, physical, and mechanical properties of LiQD Cornea hydrogels.

Tensile strength
Modulus (MPa)Viscosity (Pa.s)Transmission
Refractive indexWater content
Td (°C)
0.020.1631.7 ± 27.619–93% (UV)
93–99% (Visible)
1.354 ± 0.03791.2 ± 2.37.3 × 10−7 ± 6.1× 10−764 ± 8.5
MaterialAverage bursting pressure (mmHg)*Representative image of sealed ex vivo perforation
Cyanoacrylate glue>300Embedded Image
Fibrin sealant259 ± 14.5Embedded Image
LiQD Cornea170 ± 16.9Embedded Image

*Maximum pressure measured by the pressure transducer is 300 mmHg.

†Photographs of ex vivo porcine corneas, which were mounted in an artificial anterior chamber and perforated according to the described model and sealed/filled with the corresponding material. Red arrows highlight the interface of the applied material and the perforated cornea.