Table 1 Summary of the junctional conductance measurements.

Summary of the junctional conductance measurements.. Data shown are the number of pairs recorded n (number of uncoupled pairs/number of coupled pairs) and the median value [interquartile] of rod/rod, rod/cone, and cone/cone transjunctional conductances measured in wild type [WT (B6)], pan or conditional knockouts, and their respective control littermates. A pair was considered coupled when conductance is >50 pS. Statistical differences between the mutant lines and their respective control groups are indicated (*P < 0.05), nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA. The median values of the four WT/control groups were averaged, and the mean (SEM) is shown in the bottom row. See figs. S9 and S10 for more details.

nRod/rod coupling
nRod/cone coupling
coupling (pS)
WT (B6)21(2/19)135 [85,219]15(0/15)453 [219,560]11(1/10)72 [26,234]
Rod-Cx36 XO7(6/1)0 [0,0]*7(5/2)0 [0,1]*6(2/4)56 [9,114]
Rod-Cx36 ctl7(0/7)139 [102,254]11(1/10)213 [128,574]7(3/4)65 [0,126]
Cone-Cx36 XO21(15/6)0 [0,3]*7(5/2)0 [0,4]*5(2/3)3 [0,5]*
Cone-Cx36 ctl7(2/5)108 [52,111]12(0/12)313 [156,654]20(4/16)46 [5,224]
Pan-Cx36 KO8(6/2)0 [0,21]*6(6/0)0 [0,0]*13(6/7)10 [0,38]*
Pan-Cx36 ctl14(2/12)129 [46,161]7(1/6)249 [104,306]20(3/17)53 [32,129]
Mean WT/ctl4128 (7)4307 (53)459 (6)