Table 1 List of physiological features and their corresponding sensing system.

Feature nameSensing system
Heart rate (HR)Both
Time domain heart rate variability (HRV)Both
Frequency domain (spectral) HRVBoth
Poincaré plot (dynamic) HRVBoth
Pre-ejection period (PEP)Both
Left ventricular ejection time (LVET)Both
PEP-to-LVET ratio (PEP/LVET)Both
Pulse arrival time (PAT)Both
Pulse transit time (PTT)Both
HR-normalized PAT (nPAT)Both
Pleth variability index (PVI)Wearable
Pulse pressure variability (PPV)Catheter
Mean aortic root pressure (MARP)Catheter
Mean femoral pressure (MFP)Catheter
Mean PCWP (MPCWP)Catheter
Mean right atrial pressure (MRAP)Catheter