Table 1 Sample information for the bulk RNA-seq data analyzed in this study.

Three different mouse bulk RNA-seq datasets were used, each with replicates from WOM or purified OSNs. An additional dataset contained bulk RNA-seq data from humans and non-human primates.

sourcespeciesrepssamples per repSex (M/F)agestrainGeno
Saraiva et al. (46)WOMmouse312/1P21OMP-IRES-GFPGFP/+
Kanageswaran et al. (47)WOMmouse43F4 wksC57BL/6JWT
OSNmouse26-8mixedadultOMP-IRES-GFPGFP/+ or GFP/GFP
Colquitt et al. (48)WOMmouse2n.s.n.s.3 wksDnmt3aWT
OSNmouse2n.s.n.s.3 wksDnmt3aWT
Saraiva et al. (43)WOMHuman313/0n.s.NA
WOMMacaque31n.s.~4.5 yr.NA
WOMMarmoset31n.s.~1-10 yr.NA

n.s., not specified