Table 1 Regression tables predicting growth in (A) cases and (B) deaths. Day is mean-centered, and BCG policy variables are both contrast-coded.

Population is natural log-transformed, and all covariates are standardized. This analysis is based on 134 and 135 countries for cases and deaths, respectively. GDP, gross domestic product.

A. CasesB. Deaths
Median age0.2192.1640.0340.2241.3630.176
GDP per capita0.1631.5860.1150.1450.9300.354
Population density−0.099−1.7150.089−0.012−0.1350.893
Net migration rate0.1111.2420.2170.0500.3680.713
BCG past versus never0.1360.4150.679−0.164−0.3220.748
BCG current versus not current−0.633−3.3880.001−0.993−3.4370.001
Day × median age0.0081.4420.1530.0202.6310.010
Day × GDP per capita0.0101.9510.0530.0111.5150.132
Day × population density−0.001−0.3900.697−0.003−0.6740.502
Day × net migration rate0.0051.0510.2950.0030.4920.623
Day × population0.0309.617<0.0010.0378.860<0.001
Day × BCG past versus never−0.009−0.5110.610−0.007−0.2910.772
Day × BCG current versus not current−0.039−3.978<0.001−0.059−4.530<0.001