Table 3 Selected items about conservation action answered by Brazilian students from north and southeast Brazil.

These 14 items were part of the ROSE project, presented to students around 15 years old in schools of several countries, Brazil included. Students could agree or disagree, fully or partly, to each one with scores 1 (fully disagree) to 4 (fully agree). The ā€œCā€ session brought items about the environment and other themes.

Item codeItems stating the need of individual and collective
conservation actions
C29I can personally influence what happens with the
C30We can still find solutions to our environmental problems
C31People should care more about the protection of the
C32I am optimistic about the future
C33The natural world is sacred and should be left in peace
C35I think each of us can make a significant contribution to
environmental protection
E65I am willing to have environmental problems solved even
if this means sacrificing many goods
Items stating the overselling of individual and
collective actions for conservation
E54Science and technology can solve nearly all problems
C28Science and technology can solve all environmental
C34People worry too much about environmental problems
C37Environmental problems should be left to the experts
C38It is the responsibility of the rich countries to solve the
environmental problems of the world
C40Threats to the environment are not my business
C41Environmental problems are exaggerated