Table 5 Southeastern Brazilian students’ tendencies about conservation actions in the period 2007/2010–2011/2014.

Tendencies of students’ values and attitudes (1 = fully disagree/4 = fully agree) in the southeastern region of Brazil in the period 2007–2014 showing their level of agreement regarding 14 statements (see Table 3 for phrasing). Numbers in blue show agreement (x > 2.5), and numbers in red show disagreement (x < 2.5). Tendency arrows consider national samples only (2010–2011 and 2014, see text and the Supplementary Materials). P value bold numbers show significant variation in the period considering the three samplings.

Items20072010–201120142010–2014P value
Wallis test)
AverageSDAverageSDAverageSDTendencyValid cases
Items stating the need of individual and collective conservation actions
C293.150.932.911.042.981.07Embedded Image1.0960.010
C303.360.883.350.883.540.77Embedded Image1.1010.003
C313.450.843.550.783.750.62Embedded Image1.102<0.0005
C333.150.992.970.982.861.07Embedded Image1.089<0.0005
C353.340.953.380.903.570.77Embedded Image1.1020.001
Items stating the overselling of individual and collective actions for conservation
E542.030.932.210.942.320.98Embedded Image1.093<0.0005
C281.970.921.990.982.200.97Embedded Image1.1000.001
C341.730.961.820.991.490.86Embedded Image1.097<0.0005
C382. Image1.097<0.0005
C401.570.961.641.001.260.70Embedded Image1.101<0.0005
C412. Image1.0930.001