Table 1 Regression estimates of partisan skepticism on hurricane evacuations.

***P < 0.0001, **P < 0.001, *P < 0.01. Standard errors are clustered at the level of political variation (precinct level) and reported in parentheses. Geographic controls include polynomials for distance to coast and elevation. Demographic controls include residential density, median age, median household income, college graduation rate, employment, and race/ethnicity. Full results are in table S2.

Dependent variable: >24-hour evacuation
Independent variable(1)(2)(3)(4)
Trump vote share0.0115*−0.00626−0.009980.00659
Trump share × After Limbaugh−0.117***−0.130***−0.0959***−0.104***
Hurricane alert received0.107***0.0727***0.144***0.0870***
Geographic controlsNoYesYesYes
Demographic controlsNoYesYesYes
Fixed effects (# units)Hurricane (3)Hurricane (3)Hurricane (3),Hurricane (3),
County (166)Geohash-4 (708)
Adjusted R20.0310.0350.0430.044