Table 1 Relative fits (in descending order of WAIC weight) for each statistical model corresponding to our a priori hypotheses regarding patterns of gaze duration (see the “Statistical analysis” section in Materials and Methods).

“Varies” does not assume directionality in relation to other sequence types; this was instead determined by inspecting posterior distributions.

ModelSpeciesConditionWAICWAIC weight
FS = GS, VS variesMarmosetsNonadjacent138.50.67
FS, GS, and VS vary140.50.24
FS = VS, GS varies143.20.06
GS = VS, FS varies146.30.01
Null model (FS = GS = VS)147.10.01
FS = GS, VS variesMarmosetsAdjacent189.60.52
FS, GS, and VS vary191.00.25
FS = VS, GS varies191.50.20
GS = VS, FS varies196.90.01
Null model (FS = GS = VS)196.90.01
FS = GS, VS variesChimpanzeesNon-adjacent239.10.91
FS, GS, and VS vary243.90.09
Null model (FS = GS = VS)255.80.00
FS = VS, GS varies264.90.00
GS = VS, FS varies268.40.00
FS = GS, VS variesChimpanzeesAdjacent332.80.82
FS, GS, and VS vary337.70.07
GS = VS, FS varies338.10.06
Null model (FS = GS = VS)339.80.03
FS = VS, GS varies340.90.01