Table 1 Cryo-EM data collection, processing, model refinement, and validation statistics.

RMS, root mean square.

Data collection and processing
MicroscopeTitan Krios G3i
DetectorGatan K3 camera
Nominal magnification105,000×
Voltage (kV)300
Energy filter slit width15 eV
Pixel size (Å per pixel)0.86
Electron exposure (e2)50
Defocus range (μm)−1.0 to 2.5
Symmetry imposedC2
Number of movies15,752
Final particle numbers71,761
Map resolution (Å)3.85
Fourier shell correlation (FSC) threshold0.143
Map sharpening B factor (Å2)−162.4
Model building and refinement
Model composition
Protein residues776
RMS deviations from ideal
Bond lengths (Å)0.009
Bond angles (°)1.328
MoIProbity score2.06
Rotamer outliers (%)1.10
Ramachandran plot
Favored (%)85.68
Allowed (%)14.32
Outlier (%)0.00