Table 1 Yearly citation count and replicability.

This table shows the results of a difference-in-differences Poisson regression on citations per year, as downloaded for each replicated paper through Publish or Perish in March of 2020, using a random-effects estimator. The variable Replicated is an indicator variable that takes a value of 1 if the replication study found a significant effect in the same direction as the original study. The variable After publication of replication is an indicator variable that takes a value of 1 for the years after the replication study was published. All regressions include replication project fixed effects. Column (2) also includes the following characteristics of the original study: length of the paper (number of pages), number of authors, share of male authors, whether the experiment was conducted in the United States, whether it was conducted in English, and whether it was conducted online. Standard errors are reported in parentheses. The data source for the citation counts is the software Publish or Perish in March of 2020 (23).

Citations per year
Replicated (P < 0.05)−15.040***−15.964***
After publication of
Replicated × After
publication of
Years since publication3.522***3.506***
Replication project
fixed effects
Paper characteristicsNoYes
Number of papers8080

***P < 0.01.