Call For Papers: A Special Collection on Addiction

Call for Papers!

Science Advances, the on-line, open-access expansion of the Science magazine, is seeking empirical research studies for a Special Collection on Addiction. This issue will focus on current advances in research on treatment and recovery related to four types of addictive substances: alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and opioids. The articles may include human research or pre-clinical animal models that have clear translational potential for developing new methods/approaches for treatment and recovery of addiction to the above four addictive substances.

The research areas may include, but are not limited to:
   1. basic scientific discoveries that likely lead to pharmacological breakthrough
   2. new cognitive, behavioral, neural stimulation, or other integrative
       methods/therapies that show demonstrable efficacy in recovery
   3. new biomarkers that are potential targets for treatment/clinical intervention
   4. well-controlled clinical trials that show clear efficacy in treatment/recovery
   5. transdiagnostic approaches to treating comorbid substance use disorders
       will also be considered

We anticipate that this Special Collection on Addiction will have a very wide readership, including scientists in addiction research, healthcare professionals in addiction prevention and treatment, as well as those directly impacted by substance use disorders.

Twelve to sixteen articles in total will be selected to be part of this Special Collection and the extended deadline for submission is April 15, 2019.

The individual research articles selected to be in the collection will undergo our standard editorial evaluation process and, if accepted, published promptly. When all articles earmarked for the collection are complete, they will be compiled and published in print and online, with an overview editorial. The targeted publication time for the collection as a whole is early fall, 2019.

All articles selected to be in the collection will have a 10% discount on the article processing changes. If you decide to submit your research for consideration to be included in the Addiction Collection, please follow our standard submission guidelines (see and select the category of Special Series when uploading your materials in our manuscript system. Be sure to note in your cover letter that you are submitting your work to be considered for inclusion in the collection.

For further inquiries, please contact the Science Advances Editorial Office at


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